Students earn community service hours

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(This story by L.A. Story originally appeared in the Daily Corinthian and is appearing here with permission.)

Several Corinth High School seniors made some furry new friends as they began volunteering at the Corinth-Alcorn County Animal Shelter.

The seniors are part of the Corinth High School Future Business Leaders of America and the Career Pathways Experience programs at the school and the volunteer time was part of their community service project, said Debra Bain, CPE and FBLA Coordinator for Corinth High School.

She said the CPE students have jobs, but needed a community service project. She added the FBLA students as well.

“If they are going to be our future business leaders, then it needs to be instilled in them to learn about helping their communities,” said Bain.

The coordinator said there are about 60 students in the program and she and the students decided on the animal shelter when they heard about how desperate the need for volunteers at the facility. The community project will extend through the end of the school year and possibly into the summer for some of the students.

She said CPE student Leah Manus had already been volunteering at the shelter for an hour a day and was helping find homes for some of the animals.

Bain said the students can go at different times for their volunteer work.

“They don’t even have to sign up. Some can go for an hour a day and some may go on Saturdays,” said Bain.

The coordinator also added that the aid to the shelter does not stop at volunteering their time.

“We have a list of supplies that the shelter needs and we’re trying to donate supplies also,” said Bain.

The CPE is the new version of what was once known as the “old co-op program” and Bain said the students begin getting out of school for the around noon to go to their jobs.

“We have students working all over the community. The community is really supportive of the program. They always have been,” said Bain, who is in her 19th year as coordinator for the program. Prior to that, she spent 13 years working for BancorpSouth before she finished her degree and went into teaching.

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