Hospital employees raise $30k for shelter

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(This story by Zack Steen originally appeared in the Daily Corinthian and appears here with permission.)

Thanks to the many employees at Magnolia Regional Health Center, the local animal shelter has been blessed with giving this year.

After employees choose the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter as their charity of year in early February, fundraising efforts began within the hospital’s Giving Committee.

As the result of an earlier vote in the year, which polls employees on which specific cause they would like to raise personal money for, MRHC staffers voted the no-kill, nonprofit shelter as the charity of choice to help with fundraising efforts. Throughout the year, employees of MRHC have planned events, coordinated fundraisers and competed against other hospital departments all to raise money to help the local shelter.

All donations and monies raised were given solely by employees and individuals in the community.

“Each year, the volunteers and staff at the animal shelter must raise about $100,000 to provide the necessary medical and housing care for the large numbers of dogs and cats brought to us. The donations we received from the employees at Magnolia helped us reach our goal and helped us to provide extra care like heart worm treatment and surgical procedures to save lives,” said shelter Volunteer Director Charlotte Doehner. “We also were able to transport over 200 dogs to their new homes in other states.”

By year’s end, MRHC will have raised $30,000 for the shelter. With many animal health maintenance and building improvement needs, the shelter was able to use the money to save several animals’ lives and to better the conditions for the ones that are housed in the community now.

“Our organization is truly filled with individuals who are compassionate and caring for others,” said MRHC CEO Ronny Humes. “This employee-led initiative has really made an impact on the local shelter, and I commend all of our team for doing such a great thing for our community.”

According to Doehner, the donations from the hospital have helped to meet the following needs, purchase of a new clothes dryer, purchase of seven new fans to cool animals inside and outside, purchase of four new air conditioners, purchase one new heating system, repaired 11 kennels that were unusable, had wiring inspected and repaired after ceiling collapsed, purchase of eight new dog houses, purchase of ten new breakdown and play cages, replaced and added electrical wiring and sockets for lights and heat lamps, replaced floor in birthing room and replaced cage enclosure, painted bathroom floors, repaired plumbing leaks, ordered new bathtub for animals, replenished medicine and maintained appropriate levels, gave dogs and cats preventative shots (over 1,400), Heart worm tested over 250 animals and treated 46 dogs for heart worms, provided heart worm preventative for all dogs over 6 months of age, provided vet care for 26 animals with severe injuries, provided vet care for 19 puppies with parvo, treated 31 dogs for mange, treated 19 cats for respiratory conditions, treated 6 cats for pancreatitis, provided prenatal care and follow-up care for 17 moms and babies, assisted with transportation costs (resulting in saving 234 puppies and 179 mature dogs), help to modify donated van for animal rescue and upgraded animal tracking system that will automatically provide information on shelter pets across the country to increase adoptions.

“We are so grateful to each and every person who donated their time and money, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts,” added Doehner.

Each year, MRHC employees are asked to nominate organizations to be considered. Once the organizations are finalized, an invitation to a Charity Fair Event is sent out to each organization nominated. The charities are asked to tell MRHC employees how their organization affects the hospital’s seven county service area. Once the fair concludes, the employees vote on and select which one will be the charity MRHC will support for the year.

The nominations for 2018 are closed and include the following JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), Alzheimer’s Foundation, Pine Vale Children’s Home, Amen Pantry, Living Free Ministries: Addiction Recovery, OASIS Resource Center for Women, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, The United Way, C.H.A.M.P. and Wounded Warrior.

Because the shelter was chosen in 2017, the organization was not eligible to be nominated for 2018.

Organizations who would like to be considered for 2019 should contact a MRHC employee to be nominated.